The Division

Tips, Tricks, Chains, Whips… You know, your basic Division tips page.

The Division PC Settings

This content is purely for people to get a gauge of where they are with their system and settings, in order to have some kind of idea of how they can tweak their specific machine or game, in order to get the best performance for The Division. My current setup …

The Division Weapon Talents web app

Don’t have all the weapon talents memorize? Null worries chummer, we got you! Search for weapon talents by name or properties. Don’t remember what the name of something is but remember something about what it does? Search for that term.

Weekly Tools Collection Route and Map

  This route is for people like me, that had ZERO plan for collecting tools for the Weekly Assignment Cache. Overall, this should get you about 34-42 tools. This route takes about 5-7 minutes depending on whether you stop for other containers along the way, and how long it takes …