Episode 58: Who Doesn’t Love Rolling In Garbage?

Friday the 13th is bad, but, players love it of course
Titanfall 2 Monarch update
Baywatch is a flop

Steam Greenlight
$100 per game

R6Siege Operation Health
Updating player model hitboxes, removing accessories from hitboxes

For Honor patch 1.08
players face a 10 minute matchmaking penalty if they quit midmatch
you’ll now be rewarded for Player vs AI matches

Gears of War 4 free update June 6th, up to 10 hours of free gameplay starting the 9th for a week
adding two difficulty levels to campaign and horde
adding old maps
adding 15 horde skills

Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood, new dungeons/raids, zones, jobs. Red Mage & Samurai
you no longer have to level up other jobs in order to gain the skills and abilities essential to play your character’s primary job, simply pick and choose from a list of abilities

Twitch plays the stock with 50k

Nintendo Switch online service will require a subscription fee, will be free until it goes live in the future

Extinction, developer Iron Galaxy (divekick & Killer Instinct), similar to God of War meets Attack on Titan

GTFO hardcore co-op action horror FPS “GTFO” by 10 Chambers Collective
10 Chambers is completely self funded, meaning there is no board of directors that dictates our creative choices. We can go for a more niche audience–so GTFO goes out to the tight knit, die hard co-op teams of 2-4 people. Technically you can play alone, but really, the world of GTFO is no place for lone wolves and stragglers. They’ll die, lost in the game’s endless maze.

Bohemia Interactive today announced a release date for its next game, Argo. The free-to-play tactical shooter will be available on PC on June 22. A simplified Arma.

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown previously Horrors of the Gilded Age, a four player creature hunt, randomly generated missions/maps

Supergiant Games
(bastion/transistor) has been working on Pyre, launching July 25. Pre-order now for 10% discount. Party based rpg, gameplay centers around a competition called the Rites. 3v3 battles. Interactive narrative.

Bans 34 games

Platinum trying to port more of their old games

Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon

E3 Press conference times

PS3 finally no longer produced in Japan as well

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