Episode 63: But Why Male Models? Special Guest Emphasyze

Are Young men working less and gaming more?

Destiny 2 early access July 18 for PS4 & 19 for XBOXOne. PC August. Launch Sept. 6 for consoles and Oct. 24 for PC

Player Unknown is delayed until end of the year

Overwatch Doomfist is not Terry Crews

Zenimax being sued over use of song in ads
Dion DiMucci singer-songwriter for “The Wanderer”, apparently entered an agreement with record label Universal Music Group that his song could be used in Fallout 4 ads. Under the terms of the agreement, DiMucci argues he had the right to prohibit the use of his song unless his terms were met first.

ME:A update new difficulty Platinum adds Veteran bonus ranks (gives more power, etc.), boosted Ultra Rare weapons, more facial animation/cinematic improvements, Fixed issue where player could commit to relationships with both Jaal and Cora concurrently

Horizon Zero Dawn update, adds New Game+ mode, Ultra Hard mode, and a bunch of fixes

Captain America is Hydra?!?

Spiderman Homecoming

Castlevania launched on Netflix July 7th

The Tomorrow Children servers shutting down

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

Sam Jackson will return in Captain Marvel, March 2019 with Brie Larson

Elder Scrolls Update in August, The Horns of the Reach DLC
ESO Plus free trial

XboxOne game gifting
Compatibility for halo previous dlc for games will be free

Rocket League update and crossplatform options upcoming

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Emphasyze: https://www.twitch.tv/emphasyze