Episode 68: All These Updates Are Making Me Cry

Paragon v42 update

1v1 game from Gearbox

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2.2 Out Now
The patch makes it so that you only need two players in a match to get dedicated servers.
Ubisoft is also transitioning Terrorist Hunt to dedicated servers to prevent host migration interruptions.

Shadow of War, pre-order controversy, with microtransactions

The Division Update 1.7
15th – 22nd Global event – Outbreak
bonus damage on headshots
Commendations & Patches, new achievement system
Masks based on the Global events
Stable Weapon Talent was changed to 10% – you can still get it on sub-30 weapons, but not in endgame weapons
Ballistic Shield gets a PVP modifier – players now do 20% more damage to shields than before.
In addition to that, the 3-piece bonus of D3-FNC was changed from “+30% Ballistic Shield health” to 10% Damage to Elites – this is a preparation for the classified version of the set.

Xbox achievements are changing and Spotify is coming!

Steam Direct has more traffic than Greenlight did

Friday The 13th Will No Longer Let You Kill Your Teammates
“Public Games will no longer allow counselor team-killing through weapons use against other counselor players”, players can still kill one another by running them over with a car
Despite its initial troubles, Friday the 13th has sold almost 2 million copies since its launch.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

Disney To Pull Its Movies From Netflix Following Current Deal
Disney is set to pull at least some of its content from Netflix. The studio has announced that, following the currently deal, it will remove all of its movies from the service with the intention of providing both entertainment and sports content via two new streaming services of its own.
“US Netflix members will have access to Disney films on the service through the end of 2019, including all new films that are shown theatrically through the end of 2018. We continue to do business with the Walt Disney Company on many fronts, including our ongoing relationship with Marvel TV.”

The Hellboy Reboot David Harbour, Mila Jovovich

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