Episode 70: The End Of It All?

It was a good run. 70 podcast episodes, 1 every week for over a year. But, things change. I sincerely thank everyone that supported us in whatever way you did, big or small, and hope that we all entertained you, if just for a short time. The podcast may return, or it may not. I’m not sure. Until whenever, see ya.

Cross-Play: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo still can’t play ball.

Overwatch ‘stralia butthurt things down undah

Overwatch thicc mei is thicc animation

Destiny 2 beta talk

Dark Wood free, even on torrents. Polish developers prove they are amazing

Youtube Fair Use case from H3H3

Will Destiny 2 be cross region play?

Rainbow Six Siege’s Three Blood Orchid Operators delayed
Hong Kong
Two defenders, one attacker
Polish Defender, Ela, Grzmot mines stick to surfaces and detonate with movement. disorient and stun enemies. pistol, shotgun, smg.
Lesion Defender, Gu mines which are cloaked, inject poison which distorts vision and damages. seven mines at a time.
Ying attacker, Candela, spheres that launch blind flash charges into the air.
new map, theme park

Paragon v42.3
mastery rank cost changes from rank 1 to 4 will be 25k, 75k, 100, 150, and back to 500k at rank 5. free mastery tokens will be granted to people that have already bought masteries.
card “types” have been unlocked to all players.


Super Nintendo Secret of Mana remake

Another Free Titanfall 2 DLC Pack Coming
Postcards From the Frontier is headlined by several new maps
a few new maps for the Frontier Defense co-op mode that was added to the game last month. Angel City, Exoplanet, and Drydock have all been converted to work with the game type