Weekly Tools Collection Route and Map

Weekly Tools Division Map
Weekly Tools Division Map


This route is for people like me, that had ZERO plan for collecting tools for the Weekly Assignment Cache.

Overall, this should get you about 34-42 tools.

This route takes about 5-7 minutes depending on whether you stop for other containers along the way, and how long it takes you to kill any enemies in the way.¬†Each toolbox gives about 2-3 tools, and there’s two to three toolboxes per location. This yields 5-8 tools per location on the map. You can equip Pulse – Recon Pack, to help identify loot containers.

Start at to Autumn’s Hope. 46th Street locations

Kill Bullet King at Broadway & 49th (if you want). Travel two blocks south of the along Broadway (stay on the sidewalk, not the street). You can drop into an Electronics Shop to collect two electronics boxes along the way if you want.

The first tools location is midway down 46th St on the right in a small parking lot, and it has two containers which should get you 5 tools.

The second is in a parking lot on the left side of the street (as you’re coming from Broadway) and has three containers which should get you 6-8 tools.

Both above locations should get you about 11-13 tools total.

45th Street locations

Travel west to 8th street and travel south for one block. Turn west on to 45th street. About midway down the 45th street on the left, you will see a multilevel Parking garage. One toolbox is on the ground floor, one is on the second floor, and one is on the very top level. This should get you 6-8 tools.

At the end of the block on W 45th & 9th, is an Auto Service location that has 3 toolboxes. You will get 6-8 tools from this location.

Both above locations should get you about 12-16 tools total.

Fast Travel to Amherst Apartment. 43rd Street locations

Southwest of the Amherst starting point, there are two toolboxes in a small car garage on 45th & 10th. This will get you 5 tools.

On the next block southwest, there are three more toolboxes in a small Parking lot. This should get you about 6-8 tools.

Both above locations should get you 11-13 tools total.